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Scout Booties - Pink - Little Boo Store

Scout Booties - Pink

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Stylish, versatile and practical!

Beautiful distressed PU leather, we know that you will love this luscious boot as much as we do. These unisex shoes for babies are a must have for your little one.

Comes in two different colours. 

Size Chart:

size    age      length        width      Tube high   
0-6    0-3M    10.5cm/4.13"  5.5cm/2.17"  6.0cm/2.36"   
6-12   3-6M    11.2cm/4.41"  5.7cm/2.24"  6.3cm/2.48"   
12-18  6-12M   12.8cm/5.04"  6.0cm/2.36"  6.5cm/2.56"
18-24  12-18M  13.5cm/5.31"  6.2cm/2.44"  7.0cm/2.76"
** This item is a pre-order item and time frames apply. Please be sure to read all the information regarding pre-order items on our website before ordering. (Currently 2-4 Week turnaround time)