Nursing Pads - 2 Pairs

Nursing Pads - 2 Pairs

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** This item is a pre-order item and time frames apply. Please be sure to read all the information regarding pre-order items on our website before ordering. (Currently 2-4 Week turnaround time)

Two sets of Organic Nursing Pads (4 pads total)

Reusable, eco-friendly and breathable nursing pads which just get softer with each wash! Perfect for Mama’s looking for an absorbent breast pad for leaking (•)(•) to keep clothing and bedding dry

Approx 10cm wide

Future use:

Once you have finished using these as nursing pads they can be re-purposed into mini face washers or gentle makeup removers

Care instructions:

Simply put your nursing pads in a wash bag to prevent getting lost in the washing machine with like colours. Line dry

When you receive your order, we recommend that you wash them before use, as they become more absorbent with each wash.