Christmas Sensory Rice
Christmas Sensory Rice
Christmas Sensory Rice

Christmas Sensory Rice

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Rainbow rice is a great base for sensory play. By placing the rice in a tray with a few cups and spoons your child is sure to enjoy pouring and scooping for hours.

The rice feels cool to touch and it sounds wonderful when poured into cups. Children can learn about sounds when it is transferred into different materials such as glass, metal and wood.

It feels amazing when poured over your hands and rubbed between your fingers and for this reason it is a great calming activity for young children.

Sensory play is very calming for young children and it can calm a children who are feeling anxious or frustrated.

This rice goes great with our Wooden Sensory Tools. 


Colours: Red, Green and White 

250g Approx.

Rice is dyed using high quality food colouring and is non toxic and it is recommended for children 3+ years but could be used younger if under supervision.